X-IT Fire Escape Ladder Safety Instructions

Portable Escape Ladder Instructions



x-it fire escape ladder hook 


  1. Your X-IT Ladder is not a toy and should not be used by children without instruction and supervision.  Your X-IT Ladder is intended to be used in emergency situations only and as a last resort means of escape when life is at risk, and all other escape options are exhausted, and waiting for help is not possible.  Do not use for games, sneaking out, or whenever another exit or means of escape exists.

  2. You must ensure your X-IT Ladder will work safely in your application before it is needed in an emergency.  You must ensure whoever may need to use your X-IT Ladder is properly instructed. You must follow good safety practices and applicable codes and regulations at all times.  Your X-IT Ladder is intended to supplement not replace the important fire protection principles of fire drills, escape plans, smoke and fire detectors, fire extinguisher, etc.

  3. Plan and practice drills to ensure occupants are familiar enough for safe and proper use.  We strongly suggest safe trial practice with your X-IT Ladder before it is needed in an emergency.  Study all instructions and how your X-IT Ladder is packed.  Deploy your X-IT Ladder from the intended window and climb up a step from the ground.  A second method is to deploy your X-IT Ladder from a first floor window not more than 6 feet off the ground then climb out the window and down to the ground.  Caution – this may scratch your house.  Repack your X-IT Ladder as it was originally packed.

  4. Your X-IT Ladder is designed to work on all window sills that allow your X-IT Ladder to attach securely to the wall structure under the window sill.

  5. Your X-IT Ladder is rated for #333 lbs and is designed for use by one person at a time.  You must confirm your window will hold the weight you intend to put on your X-IT Ladder.  We test the X-IT Ladder to #1,000 lbs – do not apply a total load above the #333 lb rated load.

  6. Deploying any emergency ladder above a first floor window may cause damage to the first floor window and injury to the user.  Do not deploy any emergency ladder into flames, extreme heat or smoke.

  7. Close doors before opening windows to avoid intensifying a fire.  Stay away from outside obstructions like wires, cables, fences, etc. that may cause serious injury or death.

  8. Your X-IT Ladder should get you to within 2′ of the ground for safe escape.

  9. When climbing down keep your body close to your X-IT Ladder.  Trying to carry anything (children, pets, objects, etc.) while using any emergency ladder may cause you to fall off and cause serious injury or death..

  10. Inspect your X-IT Ladder annually for damage, loosening and deterioration.  Your X-IT Ladder should be replaced every 15 years to ensure safety.  Store your X-IT Ladder in a convenient location near the exit window.  Do not store your X-IT Ladder in direct sunlight, outside, or at extreme temperature.  To clean rinse with water only.


Replacement Warranty

  1. X-IT will replace your Escape Ladder for free if you use it in a documented emergency.

  2. Your X-IT Escape Ladder is covered by a 15 Year Limited Warranty for material and workmanship to the original purchaser. No other warranties are expressed or implied. The warranty does not apply to product that was subject to misuse, accident, alteration or maintained improperly. X-IT is not liable for indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages. Proof of purchase required for claims. You should understand your state’s rights.

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