The Baby and Pet Escape Bag

Half of children injured or killed in fires are under age 5.

Children and pets have small lungs that are more susceptible to smoke inhalation
and must be rescued quickly.


How it works (Baby/Pet Escape Bag)

The X-IT Baby/Pet Escape Bag is a 34″long by 20″tall by 10″wide breathable bag & intended for children under 5 years old and pets less than 28″long from nose to butt. Zero, a ten lb Brussels Griffon, is pictured to the left.

How it works (Large Pet Sling)

 For pets longer than 25″ X-IT’s Large Pet Escape Sling has 4 leg holes and wraps the body. Holly, a 90 lb Labrador Retriever, is pictured to the right. 

Both products are tested to 450 lbs. and rated for up to 150 lbs.; are 33′ long for up to 4 story applications and can be extended to become as long as needed by tying a suitable lowering strap or rope to the end loop.

Rescue decals are included with all X-IT orders and can be applied to your front window or door to alert first responders.

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