Permanent Mount Accessory Bracket

The X-IT Ladder is the only portable or permanent emergency ladder available. By choosing the permanent mount accessory bracket, your X-IT Fire Escape Ladder can be permanently mounted.

Portable emergency ladders can be used at multiple locations and stored near the escape routes thus providing more flexibility.

Permanent emergency ladders can be easier to find and use as they are secured near one escape route. This can benefit guests and children who are not familiar with your X-IT Ladder.

The grapple hook on your X-IT Ladder secures to most square or edge conditions including window sills, railings and corners. To ensure your application X-IT advises reading all instructions, deploying your X-IT Ladder then climbing up a few steps from the ground. Be sure to follow the repack and storage instructions.

Permanent installation of your X-IT Ladder is advised when no sills or securable edge conditions exist.

Installing X-IT’s permanent mount accessory bracket is the easiest in the industry as it does not require cutting into walls. Be sure to safely test your permanently installed X-IT Ladder by deploying it then having two people climb up a few steps at the same time – this increased load will help insure your install integrity.


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